rentcarjogjaJogjakarta Rent Car™ offers the rent car service to visit the tourist destinations in Jogjakarta such as: Jogjakarta City, Borobudur temple, (with Borobudur one day Tour, Borobudur sunrise tour) Prambanan temple, Mt.Merapi,  Southern beaches in Gunung Kidul, other objcets Gunung Kidul such as Pindul Cave, Jomblang Cave, and also Solo with  Solo City with Sukuh and Cetho temple, using very good  condition and good air conditioned coach with reliable drivers. We provides very good air conditions  coaches, for  small size van for 2  to 6 seats such as Toyota Kijang Innova, Toyota Avanza, Suzuki APV or Daihatsu Xenia, medium size Size 8-12 seats bus Isuzu Elf and Toyota Hi-Ace and Big size bus from 12 to 55 seats or other type coach on request.

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To visit Jogjakarta you should feel save to have a enjoyable tour.  Having the services needed to visit the objects in Jogjakarta using comfortable coach  such as Toyota Innova, Toyota Avanza etc good air conditioned that  conducted by polite drivers that not have shopping minded during their service time.  Jogjakarta Rent Car ™is your reliable partner to your tour in Jogjakarta.  Get  Jogjakarta Rent car price list informations


Borobudur tour from Jogjakarta depart in early in the morning directly to Borobudur Temple and back to Jogjakarta with tour itinerary is as followed:
03.30 pick up from your hotel in Jogjakarta transfer directly to Borobudur
04.00 arrive in Borobudur, after get the entrance ticket at Manohara, climb up to enjoy the sunrise on the third level of Borobudur temple or on the top of Borobudur temple
05.00 Enjoy the Sunrise, see the magnificent panoramic view around the Borobudur temple
06.00 visit the temple, see the relief of the Buddha life depicting on the wall of the temple
07.30 back to Manohara to take morning cafe
08.00 transfer to Jogjakarta on the way you may stop over on the Mendut temple (where 3 the temple with big statue temple in one stone are)
10.00 arrive back at Hotel In Jogjakarta. End of service

Rent car service for Borobudur Sunrise Tour
1. MPV type van
2. Driver and Fuel
Total Price is IDR 400.000


borobudur_sunriseMost suggested Borobudur tour package to enjoy sunrise at top of Borobudur temple the biggest Buddhist temple in the world in early in morning, with  Prambanan Temple the biggest Hindu Temple in one day tour only.

Tour itinerary as followed
03.30 Early in the morning, pick up from your hotel in Jogjakarta and drive to the northwest of Jogja (about 42 kilometers) to Borobudur Temple, Get entrances tickets at Manohara and to climb up to top of the Borobudur temple
05.00 to 06.00 welcoming the beautiful sunrise at top of Borobudur Temple.
06.00 to 07.00 After enjoy the sunrise and see the magnificent panoramic view, exploring magnificent Borobudur stands on a hillock with seven square terraces represent the steps of from the earthly realm to the nirvana at the three circular terraces to the biggest mother stupa at top. Thousand reliefs panels here depict the birth, enlightenment, the death Buddha and the journey of Boddhisatwas
08.00 Morning coffee break at Manohara. .
10.00 Drive to visit Prambanan Temples the most beautiful complex of Hindu temple in Indonesia built at 9th century, compound by 3 main temples dedicated for the gods of Brahma, Siva, and Vishnu, in the main level where sixteen temples stand majestically here. Spend the rest of your time by walking around the complex. Sequel relief panels of Ramayana epic on carved on the temples’ wall will be another alternative way to find out how skillfully the builders of the temples had been.
14.00 Than Transfer to Adisucipto Yogyakarta Airport for flight home or back to your hotel. End of Service.

Rent car service for Borobudur Sunrise Tour and Prambanan Temple
1. MPV type van
2. Driver and Fuel
Total Price is IDR 550.000


Sightseeing with riding jeep 4×4 to at Kaliadem a village located on the eastern side of the slope of  Mount Merapi  that was destructed by volcanic eruption  offers an   light adventure on the old  jeep 4×4 to see  the rest old the volcanic activity such as  the cold lava, stones boom, also you can see mini museum of Merapi during this tour.  Kaliadem village  also one of the palace where you could also enjoy the splendor sunrise,  offers an experience to complete you adventure at Mount Merapi  by departing earlier before sunrise in the morning from your hotel in Jogjakarta.merapi

Merapi Lava Tour itinerary as followed:
07.00 depart from your hotel
08.00 arrive on Kaliadem  take jeep 4×4
11.00 back to start point
12.30 transfer back to Jogjakarta

Rent car service for Merapi Lava  Tour
1. MPV type van
2. Driver and Fuel
Total Price is IDR 350.000


Timang Beach/Island, this photogenic destination located  at Tepus Gunung Kidul needs need about 2 hours by coach from Jogjakarta,and there are 2 options, riding traditional cable cart/ gondola  or walking passing trough the cable bridge to reach the beach to small island, that use also by local people to hunt the lobster,  that separated by sea with powerful southern ocean. From Jogjakarta we drive to the nearest village from the beach where we should take 3 km stone  route,  taxi motor cycle that available and organized by local people.
Tour Itinerary
07.00 depart to Tepus  location where Timang Island are
10.00 arrive at last village take taxi motor
11.30 Arrive at Timang beach where you can take 2 options by  traditional gondola/cable cart to reach beach or  cable bridge
12.30 Back to Jogjakarta

Rent car service for Timang Beach Tour
1. MPV type van
2. Driver and Fuel
Total Price is IDR 500.000


jomblang_cave _insideLocated at  Jetis Wetan, Semanu, Gunungkidul Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, 10 km from Wonosari at Kars mountain in Gunung Kidul , will be a very special tourist destination to test your adrenaline, Jomblang Cave  that could be reach 2 hours from Jogjakarta, this is on of 500 caves that exist in this kars mountainous region. Jomblang Cave has a vertical cave mouth that distance from the mount to bottom  is about 80 meter. jomblang cave

On the bottom we can see  the very beautiful the stalagmite and stalactite, underground river, if you lucky you can see paradise light the at middle day when the sunlight pass mouth of cave.

Tour itinerary
07.00 depart to Location of Jomblang  Cave.
10.00 arrive at location and we start to rappelling  down on cliff of the cave.
12.00  discover the bottom  if you are lucky you can see see the heaven light.
13.00 rappelling  up to the rim of the cave  and transfer back to Jogjakarta

Rent car service for Jomblang Cave Tour
1. MPV type van
2. Driver and Fuel
Total Price is IDR 500.000